5 Reasons Why BustBuddy Is On Everyone's Summer Wishlist 🎉 

Women worldwide are giving up their slippy, swingy, revealing bras in favor of snug, supportive sports bra to improve their breast health and workout experience! 

1. Less Pain, More Gain!

Do you have to deal with the pain and discomfort from the weight of a heavy bust? Sports cause breasts to move more than they typically would due to movement and impact. Your breasts and ribs will feel the strain as a result. Wearing the wrong sports bra or not wearing one might cause significant misery.

Grab our cozy, natural-shaped BustBuddy, and you will not be able to ignore its' comfort, as it provides the support that a standard bra cannot. A racerback and more oversized shoulder straps ease pressure from your shoulders and back while preventing sliding. With this bra, you won't have to worry about neck, back, or shoulder pain. No more humiliation when engaging in high-impact exercises.

2. Improve Your Stooped Figure; GET FIT!

Breast damage, such as sagging, cannot heal on its own. If you wear a bra that is too small or does not fit your unique shape, the ligaments supporting your breasts will lag. These ligaments can be permanently stretched because the breasts lack muscles.

Fit yourself! Don't pass up the opportunity to buy our properly fitting sports bra, which can reduce breast bounce by as much as 75%! Get in Shape! As simple as that.

  • It reduces bounce by 75% 

  • Lifts the bust

  • No uncomfortable underwire

  • Removeable bra cups

  • Sweatproof

3. Boost Your Performance During a Challenging Workout!

Does the bouncing breast make you feel awful when you work out? Or is your large bust preventing you from progressing?


You can quickly and easily wipe away those unflattering feelings. Choose our BustBuddy, which knows your pain very well and offers superior coverage and lift. It keeps bounce under control with the highest level of support. The innovative power mesh fabric provides a two-way stretch that reduces bounce and sway during your most intense activities. This bra is designed for high-impact activities like basketball, running, HIT workouts, soccer, volleyball, and other sports.

4. Breathable and Moisture Wicking!

A sports bra that is excessively tight may become distracting and restrictive when training. Pick a bra that gives you lift rather than compression for optimal support.

The professional design of our BustBuddy with high-tech supporting fabric keeps your breast up, which improves posture. They have mesh backs to keep you cool while working out and give you a nice-looking back. The mesh patch is worn to improve airflow, and it is also breathable, sweat-absorbent, and comfortable to wear all day, even in a hot gym or while training. When you move, the shirt doesn't chafe against the bra as some microfiber ones do.

5. Wear Conveniently; Remove Effortlessly!

Nothing is more annoying than doing a contortionist trick to get the sports bra off after a sweaty workout, especially if you have had a shoulder injury/surgery or even while nursing. Herein lies the delight of a front zip sports bra. Our comfortable BustBuddy with a front zipper can bring you real happiness. Simply unzip it! It is effortless to put on and take off.

It has padded cups that can be removed, straps that can switch from an X-back to an H-back, and an elastic hook-and-loop rib band that measures 2 inches in circumference for a snug, comfortable fit. Extra coverage is provided by the contoured seams and the detachable pads.

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