5 Reasons Why Dermatologists prefer this gentle laser treatment over oral one!

It is clinically tested, hypoallergenic, and safe to use on your skin!

{1-9-2022} | By Dr. Hochstein (New York)

With 15,000+ verified 5-star reviews, Find out what is unique about prosaic looking cold-laser that urges the Doctors and the whole internet to buy them.

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Instead of pursuing pricey cosmetic oral therapies like an ointment or organic beauty manicures and pedicures, people with damaged and fungus-affected deformed nails choose this at-home laser treatment.

Organic research proves that conventional Onychomycosis treatment is a long and challenging process that requires patience and extraordinary diligence to get results. 

So the nail laser treatment got a lot of attention for its accurate, safer therapy and diligently removing fungus through the inner layers.

Its rising demand and popularity seek the doctors’ attention, and Now it has been recommended by every dermatologist.

After a close study and hundreds of experiments, the doctors gave five reasons to go for our cold-laser treatment!

1. A Drug-Free Treatment With No Side Effects!

Nail fungus can be highly uncomfortable, whether on the toenail or the fingernail. People try to treat the problem using oral treatments, but this approach is rarely successful. The reason is that the fungus needs to be removed from its roots. Stop wasting money on band-aids and antibiotics and switch to our Nail Laser, which eliminates the bacteria from the citations without any side effects.

In this innovative laser device, the blue light with different wavelengths blocks the spreading of fungal spores through your toenail painlessly. In addition, to inactivate and destroy the fungal pathogens embedded in your nail bed and plate, it passes through healthy tissues without harming them.

2. User-Friendly Ergonomic Design!

Say Goodbye to every type of nail infection using three easy steps! 

1- Grab the Nail Laser, and charge it.

2- Wash your hands thoroughly.

3- Put it on your nail for 7 minutes.

The seamless design of the gadget is non-slipable and fits very well on the affected nail area. Also, the digital LED display helps you check the power charge and the countdown of 7 minutes to put it down on time for your ease.

3. A Suggested Treatment for Allergic Reactions!

Avoid using acrylic nails to hide nail problems since they might exacerbate fungal infections or lead to other issues. Artificial nail attachment and removal chemicals might dry out or irritate your skin, which leads to fungal infections and can result in swelling, pus, or redness around your fingernails.

Compared to conventional and over-the-counter medications, our nail laser's light beam for revolutionary treatments is advanced, hygienic physiotherapy, and painless therapy with no side effects. According to recommendations, it is perfect for treating onychomycosis and all other nail fungus types that turn your nails green. Additionally, the laser has a sterilizing effect that hinders the formation of new fungi.

4. A Blue Light Antibacterial Treatment to Restore Your Nails’ Luster!

Stop trying to cover up your broken nails with glittery polish or in a fist; grab our pulsating soft laser with antibacterial fungus-blue light therapy to inactivate the diseased cells and regenerates the nails and their surroundings.

If your nails have become discolored, damaged, and painful due to a specific disease, it's evident that your hands and feet won't appear as good as they did before getting infected with fungi.

Utilize this portable Nail Laser to keep your nails perfectly shaped and beautiful. Within a few weeks, your nails will have a smooth form and a clean appearance as the fungus is gradually reduced, and the lost appearance of your nails is restored.

5. Strongly Recommended by Dermatologists!

Onychomycosis, a frequent nail infection, is a disease. The tinea pedis occurs when a fungus attacks the flesh between your toes. It initially shows as a white or yellow-brown spot under your fingernail or tip. As the fungus progresses, the nail's edge may crack, get thicker, or change color.


Dermatologists worldwide suggest our brand new laser device for easy and effective treatment. Doctors recommend Nail Laser because it lessens the discomfort associated with procedures, removes fungus from the root, and provide patients with as much comfortable mobility as possible. This nail laser with infrared radiation for the podiatric community is crucial for deep tissue penetration.

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