5 Questions to Ask Before Buying standard Nipple Covers!

Does WonderCover cause inflammation, rash, acne, or loss of ligaments that support the breasts?

No! Ask these 5 questions before shopping for the perfect Nipple covers!

1. Are these nipple covers adhesive?

Have you ever been embarrassed because your nipples peek through your dress? No more, Our adhesive WonderCover that stick gently to the surface of the breast can be used to replace bras that are too loose and reflect poorly. They cover the areola and breasts smoothly, so you can wear them under any casual or formal dress to make your nipples less pronounced!

The soft adhesive layer on the covers is comfortable to wear and will stay in place all day until you remove it personally. The body heat heats the silicone as it releases its natural cement adhesive, which is undoubtedly pain-free and doesn't trigger itching.

2. Can they be worn in water?

Block your nipples from an unexpected appearance on a hot, sweaty day! Get our sweat- and water-resistant silicone nipple coverings to prevent them from sticking out when wearing your favorite bikini or swimwear, even in the water.

Nipple pasties with a matte surface don't shine through even when wet or exposed to direct light. Our pasties are designed to blend in with your skin tone so perfectly that no one will ever know you're hiding anything. Go to a beach party or hang out in a pool with your friends; these won't abandon you and let you enjoy your time to the fullest without worrying about your reflecting boobs.

3. Can nipple covers be cleaned?

Don't waste your money on disposable nipple covers you have to throw out after single use. Our silicone WonderCover Pasties are reusable and long-lasting, and you can use them more than 120 times. 

After each use, just wash them with lukewarm water. Lightly scrub off any residue and then let them dry before reapplying the backing sheets or replacing them in their included travel case, and they will be in their top adhesive form in no time. The travel case helps the cover petals keep their perfect shape and has a magnetic closure to keep your nipple covers clean before wearing them again.

4. Will wearing adhesive nipple covers cause puffiness or acne to break out?

A bra can cause many skin problems, such as folliculitis, dermatitis, heat rash, and hives. Tight clothing that rubs against the skin can also make you sweat more and cause irritation and inflammation. 

Our medical-grade, non-sensitizing WonderCover are great for sensitive skin. These non-toxic silicon pasties don't aggravate the surface of your boobie's skin by leaving any sticky residue; hence it feels more comfortable day to night. Have these comfy petals, and you will never wear your boring bra again.

5. Can they be used when playing sports or working out?

Wearing a conventional strap or strapless bra during a hard workout can make your boobs pop out or make your nipples visible due to sweat. These adhesive and durable breast petals do not slip out of their place in any condition. These covers will firmly stay in place no matter the occasion. Do the hard workout at the gym or dance in any celebration or event that calls for sheer style; you don't have to adjust them constantly, unlike the irritating bra that shifts with your movement.

A unique pair of adhesive silicone waterproof nipple covers to fit around the shape of your areola, making it less pronounced as these pasties are undetectable!


I always wanted to wear a backless party gown, but the unsightly bra straps were a hindrance. These seamless WonderCover stick to their place awesomely without being seen and make my areola less pronounced. I can finally wear the outfit of my dreams!

Lauren B.

Super comfortable!

I was surprised by how well these thin little covers stayed together. I wore them while hiking in Vermont to get to a swimming hole. After a few hours, I was pretty wet and sweaty, but these pasties were still in their place. They were so comfortable that I soon forgot I was a braless person.

Yulia K.

Better than strapless bras!

I feel bad that I didn't know about these extremely useful nipple covers sooner. I always got rashes because my bra didn't fit right and was more of an attention-drawer. These high-grade silicone adhesive pasties have a matte finish that won't show through clothes on camera flashes, and they are thin enough to blend seamlessly with skin. I highly recommend these beauties! 

Crystal T.

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